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Success stories

Different locations. Different people. Different challenges. Different solutions.

It sounds like a cliche. But no community led housing project is the same.

How could they be? Each group is made up of unique people, on unique plots of land or in response to a particular situation or opportunity.

In this section, you'll find a selection of case studies which are intended to provide you with helpful information to inform and inspire your own plans. 

Community led housing schemes

Find out what life can be like in a community led housing scheme and how it differs from 'the norm'.

Goodwin Development Trust

Goodwin Development Trust

The community-controlled Goodwin Development Trust provides an array of services, including affordable housing, for the benefit of local people.

See for: Registered Providers, modular homes

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Granby Four Streets CLT

Granby Four Streets CLT

This Turner Prize winning community land trust is a truly inspiring story of people-powered housing.

See for: urban regeneration, community participation

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Lancaster Cohousing

Lancaster Cohousing

Forgebank is Lancaster Cohousing's multi-award winning eco cohousing community in Halton, Lancashire.

See for: intentional communities, eco homes

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LILAC Cohousing


LILAC is a hybrid - a cohousing development that is a legally constituted co-operative society.

See for: Low impact living, Mutual Home Ownership

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