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You can make community led housing a reality

Whether you are from a grassroots community led housing group, an existing community organisation, a local authority, a housing association, or another organisation, you can play a role in making community led housing happen.

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Explore the largest online collection of community led housing resources to get a real sense for movement and understand what is involved. 

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Hands-on support

Face-to-face support can be really valuable and most of the community led housing projects that have succeeded to date have done so because they have worked very closely with an Enabling Hub or a Technical Adviser.

What is a hub?

Enabling hubs are regional organisations that provide one-to-one technical support to groups. The evidence shows that when an enabling hub exists, the more community led homes are built in the vicinity.

Enabling hubs will:

  • provide professional support and funding that will help you to progress your project more quickly
  • introduce you to professionals such as architects, planners and surveyors
  • Put you in touch with local authorities and other potential partners such as housing associations and developers
  • Arrange peer-to-peer sessions where you can network with other community led housing groups.

Find your local hub

No local enabling hub, don’t worry

There is an extensive network of technical advisers across the country who are able to provide you with the same professional support and guidance that you’d receive from an enabling hub. If there isn't a local enabling hub in your area contact us and we will be able to help. 

Community Led Homes has also developed a training and accreditation programme for enabling hub staff and technical advisers, so you can be sure that you get are the best and most up to date information.

Find Accredited Advisers

Become an Accredited Adviser

We have developed a unique training programme to ensure groups have access to the best advice and support from trained advisers.

Read about the programme and register here.