Community Led Housing Data

The community led housing sector is growing fast with projects starting across the country.

We've pulled out key data to give you a snapshot of the sector and it's future.

Community Led Housing Projects

Project data on community led housing approach, development stage and project location.

  • 895

    Projects in development

    Projects at any of the developement stages: Group, Concept, Site, Plan & Build

  • 499

    Completed Projects

    Community led housing projects at the 'Live' stage

Community led housing projects are continually moving from conception through to completion and they are located across the country.

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The sector is made up of a variety of approaches, chosen to suit the needs of a particular community. Approaches include cohousing, community land trusts, co-operatives and self-help.

Read more about the different approaches here

We've also broken down the development process of community led housing projects to define where they are in their journey. The five stages are group, site, plan, build and live - where the homes are complete, tenants move in and properties are maintained.

More details on the stages can be found here

Projects by community led housing approach and development stage

Projects by region and community led housing approach

Projects by region and development stage

Community Led Housing Homes

Data on the tenure, location and approach of homes delivered by the sector.

  • 26799

    Homes built

    Completed community led homes

  • 21722

    Homes in the pipeline

    Homes planned for completion within the next 10 years

The number of homes to be delivered by community led housing groups is expected to continually grow over the next five years in every approach.

Homes in the pipeline by community led housing approach

We can also expect the sector to grow across the country, as nearly all counties in England and Wales have access to support from a local enabler hub.

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Homes in the pipeline by region

Community led homes can be both affordable or market value but the majority are affordable. Tenure is chosen depending on the specific needs for things like home ownership, rent or definitions of genuine affordability in specific communities.

Homes in the pipeline by housing tenure

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