Why community led housing?

Traditional housing models aren't cutting it. A better way is possible.

We're going to take a punt, that the very fact that you're here reading about community led housing, means you're already fully aware of Britain's housing crisis and its gory details.

So, why community led housing and where do you come into it?

Well, let's get straight to the point: through community led housing normal people can be in control over their own homes, lives and communities.

The media covers housing in such a way, that we'd all be forgiven for thinking there's no way out of this situation. Continuing headlines of housing targets missed, dodgy landlords, Dickensian conditions, block after block of empty luxury apartments (etc. etc.) can create a sense of hopelessness.

Don't lose hope!

Community led housing is already having a hugely positive impact on communities and lives across the country. It's proved that another way is possible and that there is hope. 

The movement has been borne out of people all over the country who have reached the limits of their own frustration with the housing situation (either their own, their children's or the community's) and have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Communities have power

People have power. Community led housing isn't about giving people power, it's a mechanism for people to take power and create something better. 

So, why community led housing? 

  • Because homes that are genuinely affordable to rent and buy means communities aren't displaced, young people can have security, village shops and schools remain open. And because the prices are protected in perpetuity, future generations will benefit from them too.
  • Because homes that are designed by local people are built with their friends and neighbours in mind, not profits. They'll be high quality and truly consider what people really need to be able to live happily and independently.
  • Because house-building has been dominated by a few traditional methods for too long, and their failure means normal people are bearing the brunt. Community led housing is for everyone. It's built with people in mind, everyday life, the environment, a more sustainable future...


Types of community led housing

Now you are convinced you need more community led housing, learn about the different types: what is cohousing, how does cooperative housing work, and what is a community land trust?

Types of community led housing