Janet's story

Janet Wood, 73, has lived in North London her whole life. She spent forty years in the same rented council flat until moving to a flat at New Ground Cohousing in January 2017. She has lived alone for over ten years after her daughter moved out.


I had become quite isolated. All the people I knew had either moved on or had passed away. Lots of the council flats had been sold off but the people that bought them didn’t live there so they were rented out. It felt that the people who moved in maybe didn’t care as much. 

I used to not want to go home. 

And then I was burgled. I was in my flat when it happened, although I didn’t know at the time. I didn’t have anybody. I phoned my daughter as she’s in Stevenage but it wasn’t as if I could knock on someone’s door and say ‘oh my god, this has just happened to me’.

I love my home now.

There is so much I can say about this community, we share so much of our lives together. I feel as though my life has been completely transformed. I could never imagine living the life I’m living now.

After years of misery I’ve got another life, my whole mindset has changed. I’ve joined lots of clubs with some others that live here and I now do calligraphy, Balkan dancing, walking. It’s wonderful and keeps my brain ticking over. Before here I was in a bit of a rut. I used to think if I had one thing to do in a day that would be as much as I’d be able to cope with, but now I’ve got so much going on!

Without a doubt this community is keeping me healthier, happier and more supported.

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