Amanda's story

Amanda, 50, moved into Fishponds Road, a community land trust development in Bristol in May 2016. To get a discount off her monthly rent Amanda worked with her neighbours to ‘self-finish’ her one-bed home. Amanda has a partner but they choose to live separately.


I was really struggling when I was living in private rented accommodation. It felt very insecure for me, I was paying £600 a month rent in Bristol and barely surviving. 

The place was damp, it was in poor repair and it was costing me every single penny I had. My mental health was suffering because of the insecurity I felt. The uncertainty just wasn’t good for me and didn’t work at all.

I was more and more anxious about the future.

Then I heard about Bristol CLT and I thought maybe this would be a good thing for me.

I met my partner just before I got offered my CLT home but we don’t live together. We prefer to have our own spaces. Plus my home is a one-person space. It feels really good that at this point in time I don’t have to negotiate the space.

This is the first time I’ve ever had my own real home.

I’ve always lived in privately rented accommodation where I might have to move on and can’t make my mark on the place and I can’t really make it mine. You’re not in your own home really. I’m quite a creative person and I like to have my own bits and bobs all over the walls and that suits me. I like to express myself through my home, that’s quite important to me. 

Having been through the mill a bit and a lot of life stuff, I’m really happy to be where I am now.

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