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Webinar: Your CLT as part of a global movement

Publication date: 27 January 2023

A webinar on how the community land trust movement has spread around the world and the innovative forms it’s taking in each place, featuring a panel that spans time zones:

  • Stephen Hill (UK), involved in the CLT Network since the early days, on the past present and future of the movement in England and Wales
  • John Emmeus Davis (US) of the Center for CLT Innovation on the global CLT movement’s history and how it has spread and adapted across the globe
  • Laura Parker-Tong (Belgium) of CLT Brussels on the emerging European CLT Network
  • Tarcyla Fidalgo Ribeiro (Brazil) of CatComm on the Favela CLT and how it plans to bring security to existing communities in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas
  • Jon Lee (UK) of Ecology Building Society on why they’ve supported the CLT movement over time

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