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Webinar: Being a good CLT landlord

Publication date: 01 June 2022

Organisation: CLT Network

Managing a positive tenant-landlord relationship is key to the success of CLTs with housing projects. There are several ways to arrange this relationship – from having a third party handle the day-to-day to doing it within the organisation. It’s important to think about these options from the very start of the process of forming a CLT.

This webinar from the CLT Network features CDS Co-operatives, a housing association and service provider who offer practical day-to-day support for community led housing groups, and especially co-ops, across the South East of England. They cover the practical aspects of being a landlord – what you do, common pitfalls and how to prepare for and manage them when they arise. The webinar also features Calder Valley CLT detailing how they manage and maintain a strong relationship with their tenants.

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