Setting up and supporting a regional CLH network

Local authorities and housing associations can play a key role in helping to establish and support regional CLH networks.

  • Such networks may have a particular value in regions where CLH activity is not yet extensive, but where it has significant potential to grow
  • They bring together local authorities, housing associations, community organisations, funders, academics and the voluntary sector together on a regular basis
  • A regional network can be particularly useful for local authorities that have found it difficult to kick-start community-led housing initiatives in their areas
  • Newcastle City Council is a good example…

“Part of my role at Newcastle is to develop the Council’s approach to self-build and community-led housing, and provide a contact point for queries and activity in the City. I recognised that the Network was a rich source of information, and it provided an opportunity to share and discuss plans for Newcastle.

The wide range of knowledge within the Network is helping to inform the development of our policies and identify barriers that need to be addressed. It has also generated a regular meeting between North East local authorities to work towards a consistent and accessible approach to self-build and community-led housing in our region”.  - Cath Scaith, Housing Delivery Officer, Investment & Development Directorate, Newcastle City Council

  • Regional CLH networks can be funded by member contributions or external grants, or a combination of the two

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Last updated in March 2020