Places in common: What is 'placemaking' and why is it relevant to cohousing?

Publication date: 27 August 2019 Author: Aimee Felstead

"If you are a cohousing resident you have, perhaps knowingly or unknowingly, taken part in a process of placemaking and place-keeping. Cohousing residents typically play an active role in the ‘making’ of the places in which they live, through direct involvement in the design, construction, maintenance and occupation of the site. If you are a prospective cohousing group, you may be wondering how you can strengthen the connection between people and place in your community."

'Placemaking' has been a bit of a buzzword recently and is open to a wide variety of interpretations. Landscape architect Aimee Felstead has produced this guide to help re-focus the concept to be of benefit to cohousing groups. This guide will help cohousing groups build or enhance a space to meets their community's needs.

This work was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council [ES/P000746/1]

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