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London Community Led Housing Support Hub

The London CLH Hub, which started up in early 2018, provides a range of services for community-led housing across all 32 London Boroughs. 

  • The Hub is focused on delivering community led homes quickly and cost effectively – addressing the key barriers to growth and making the most of existing resources, skills, and experience by making it easier for stakeholders to share, collaborate and learn from each other.    The Hub provides organisations with information, capacity building and technical support.  It also helps to establish partnerships between organisations and funders, landowners and others
  • The Hub was initially funded by the Mayor of London, with the support of several London boroughs and CDS Co-operatives (CDS)
  • The Hub is hosted by CDS Co-operatives (CDS). London is a unique and diverse environment in which to deliver homes, with challenges and opportunities unlike anywhere else in the country. The Hub works with and for a wide range of stakeholders – communities and groups, sector bodies, local authorities, funders, commissioners, planners, landowners, housing associations and technical experts – to make it easier to navigate this landscape and to deliver more homes for London
  • The Mayor of London has provided £250,000 to support the Enabling Hub

“London desperately needs more homes and it’s vitally important we look at all possible ways of building new and genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy.

“Community-led housing offers the chance to build new homes that Londoners want to live in. Londoners should be able to play a leading role in building their own communities, but for too long this has been difficult and they have had no support or access to funding.

“That’s why my new Homes for Londoners Community Housing Hub will act as a one-stop shop for Londoners interested in getting involved in community-led housing. It will help strengthen capacity amongst Londoners to embark on new projects, as well as offering support including technical expertise and access to funding”

  • The London Hub’s initial business plan ‘offer’ is shown below.

London Support Diagram

The Greater London Council Housing Committee report on community-led housing can be found here.

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Published in March 2018