Leeds City Council Right To Buy Grants Programme


  • Leeds CC has created a capital grants programme, utilising their Right To Buy Receipts, to increase the supply of affordable housing
  • The Programme is open to external organisations wishing to develop affordable housing, which do not have to be registered providers but must meet a set criteria to ensure they are fit & proper landlords
  • Both new build and refurbishment projects are eligible for funding. The latter specifically includes long-term empty property
  • The grant funding element from Leeds CC cannot exceed 30% of the total eligible scheme costs of the project and grant cannot be combined with HCA funding
  • Leeds CC enters into a legal agreement and pays at defined key milestones, the first requirement is start on site
  • Leeds CC requires recipients to enter into a nomination agreement for a period of 60 years from the practical completion date in relation to 100% of all new lettings and 75% of subsequent lettings of the homes delivered
  • Leeds CC have devised a customised Grant Application Form which sets out all eligible costs (acquisition, cost of works & on-costs) and also a Monitoring Form (see below)

Key Messages

  • Local authorities can make use of what are otherwise unused or underused resources to support CLH without taking on additional borrowing or any liabilities
  • Since the balance of the project costs have to be made up by the recipients themselves, this means that the programme also levers-in additional capital funding

Currently nine organisations, four from the community-led sector (Canopy, St Georges Crypt, Latch & Gipsil) and five housing associations are involved in the programme, which subject to obtaining the relevant planning permissions, aims to create over 130 additional affordable homes over the next 2 years.    

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Published in March 2018