Leathermarket CBS Local Lettings Policy

Agreed with London Borough of Southwark 2015

The Leathermarket CBS’s local lettings policy sets out the eligibility criteria for the allocation of the CBS new build homes to existing Joint Management Board (JMB) tenants and the policy for determining priority for an allocation.

The CBS has adopted Southwark Council’s approach to re-housing tenants as set out in the Housing Allocations Scheme November 2013.

Eligibility for allocation

  • A JMB tenant who wishes to apply for a new build property must be registered on Southwark Council’s Housing Register as a ‘qualifying person’
  • The tenant must have lived in Southwark for the last 5 years
  • The tenant must not be in breach of their tenancy agreement, including rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and unlawful sub-letting.  The ‘no rent arrears’ criteria can be waived for tenants who are downsizing

Determining priority between tenants

A tenant’s priority for housing is determined by priority bands; band 1 being the highest and band 4 the lowest. 


Band 1
  • Tenants who are under-occupying a JMB tenancy and wish to move to a smaller property.  (Tenants who have reached the qualifying age for state Pension Credit will be allowed to transfer to a property with one additional bedroom)
  • Tenants who are statutorily overcrowded and have not caused the overcrowding through a deliberate act (Housing Act 1985, Part 10)


Band 2
  • Tenants who have a severe medical, welfare award or disability where the current accommodation is unsuitable or it is unreasonable to remain in occupation.  This can include where a tenant’s condition is life-threatening and the tenant’s accommodation is a major contributory factor, or the tenant’s health is so severely affected by the accommodation that it is likely to become life-threatening.
  • Tenants who are entitled to the Good Tenant Award (lived at the tenancy for 5 years, with no housing related debt or breach of tenancy agreement).
  • Tenants who have priority on welfare grounds and require to move urgently because of a risk to their well-being or health.    


Band 3
  • Tenants who are overcrowded.
  • Tenants with a moderate medical priority where there is a clear objective need to move.


Band 4
  • All other tenants not included in Bands 1-3.

Additional Priority within the Bands

Within Bands 1 to 4 priority is accorded by;

  • the number of priority stars the tenant has been awarded, in accordance with Southwark Council ‘Priority Star system’
  • the date of the tenant’s registration.

Tenant participation

  • Priority is given to tenants who actively participate in the new homes design consultation process, with the provision of alternative engagement options for those who have difficulty participating due to health, childcare or other equalities factors.

More detailed information about local lettings and tenant management organisations like Leathermarket CBS can be found here.


Published in March 2018