Homebaked Community Land Trust - Liverpool

  • Homebaked is a Community Land Trust, set up in 2014 by local people in Anfield, to create affordable housing and help regenerate an area blighted by the threat of Housing Market Renewal demolition
  • It grew out of an arts project in 2010, 2Up2Down, which used a disused bakery adjacent to Liverpool Football Club, as a base for engaging local people in discussions about the future of the area
  • A decision was taken up to set up a new social enterprise to revive the business on the basis of a 10 year lease from the owners, alongside which the CLT developed
  • Liverpool City Council has now bought the bakery and has undertaken to transfer it to the CLT for £1, on condition that the accommodation above it,  for up to eight people, is renovated
  • With a grant of £154,000 from Power To Change, the work is now being carried out with input from three local trainees
  • The CLT is now in discussion with the City Council about the future of the site adjacent to the bakery, where nine Victorian terraced houses stand empty.  The aim is to look at ways to regenerate the local high street and provide affordable homes for rent or sale

Key Messages

  • Demonstrates the potential for regenerating blighted properties, earmarked for demolition, through engaging with the local community 
  • Highlights the impact of local authority intervention in buying property and using its powers to make an asset transfer to a community organisation
  • The importance of asset ownership for new community organisations, providing both a long term revenue stream and an asset base, against which further money can be raised.
  • Demonstrates the interrelationship between ownership of housing, social enterprise and local control as a basis for regeneration.

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Published in February 2018