Home Aloners: the true cost of living alone

The number of people who live alone in Britain has surpassed 8 million.

Our research reveals that nearly 3 million of these are feeling alone due to their living circumstances.

More people than ever before are choosing to live alone, but with this choice can come pitfalls: the cost of living is significantly higher, poorer quality housing and fewer people to turn to for help and company.

Community led housing means people can enjoy the benefits of living alone while being part of a supportive community. Ordinary people are coming together across the country to create high quality, affordable homes. Not only that, residents are part of a community where they look out for each and even socialise together. 

Through our research, we've heard from people about why they are turning to community led housing and how it is transforming lives.

Read how community led housing is a way to combat isolation and loneliness for yourself in our new report, 'Home Aloners: the true cost of living alone in Britain today'.


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