CAF Venturesome Community Led Housing Fund

Flexible finance for community led housing projects.

What's available?

Area: UK

Amount: £25,000-£400,000. See full details in the 'what they will fund' section below.

Type: Repayable loans (alongside grants at Site and Plan stages. Grants in England only)

Open to: Community led housing projects across the UK

Deadline: ongoing

What will they fund?

Site and Plan stage

  • Pre-development loan finance up to £150,000 and up to £100,000 grant (grant in England only)
  • Standby facilities up to £150,000 to raise community shares or as a bridging loan
  • Land purchase facility up to £400,000 (with an element of grant in England only)

Build stage

  • Loan finance for development up to £400,000 (acting as a junior lender, behind a bank/building society)

Live stage (for enabling hubs/Umbrella CLTs)

  • Bridging loans up to £100,000

Costs you need to know about

  • Legal fee of £750
  • 1% commitment fee on Build stage funding
  • 2% non-utilisation fee on standby facilities
  • Interest rates of between 5-10% depending on development stage.

How to apply

For more information about the CAF Venturesome Community Land Trust Fund and how to apply please visit the CAF website.