Claude Hendrickson

An accredited Community Led Homes adviser

Counties: Based in Leeds but willing to travel further in support of BAME and LGBT+ projects

Biography: Claude Hendrickson was the project manager on the Frontline community self build scheme in Leeds (1996) which saw 12 unemployed Afro Carribean men and their families build new homes for themselves. He has remained a passionate advocate for BAME groups in terms of housing, self build and training/employment. 

Claude will bring knowledge and experience of working with BAME groups across the city of Leeds and West Yorkshire well as research and publication skills to help with your project.

He was commissioned in 2016/17 to produce a 10 year strategy for Leeds City Council (LCC) around self-build, custom build and community led housing. That report was well received and informed LCC’s housing strategy.

Claude is a founder member of Community Self Build agency (CSBA) who in recent years have been focusing on self build for ex homeless soldiers in Bristol.

Claude can be heard discussing his work here, and here.

Phone: 07831480196