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Success stories

Different locations. Different people. Different challenges. Different solutions.

It sounds like a cliche. But no community led housing project is the same.

How could they be? Each group is made up of unique people, on unique plots of land or in response to a particular situation or opportunity.

In this section, you'll find a selection of case studies which are intended to provide you with helpful information to inform and inspire your own plans. 

Find out what life can be like in a community led housing scheme and how it differs from 'the norm'.

Goodwin Development Trust

Goodwin Development Trust

The community-controlled Goodwin Development Trust provides an array of services, including affordable housing, for the benefit of local people.

See for: Registered Providers, modular homes

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Granby Four Streets CLT

Granby Four Streets CLT

This Turner Prize winning community land trust is a truly inspiring story of people-powered housing.

See for: urban regeneration, community participation

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Lancaster Cohousing

Lancaster Cohousing

Forgebank is Lancaster Cohousing's multi-award winning eco cohousing community in Halton, Lancashire.

See for: intentional communities, eco homes

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LILAC Cohousing


LILAC is a hybrid - a cohousing development that is a legally constituted co-operative society.

See for: Low impact living, Mutual Home Ownership

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