Steve Watson

Counties: All of England and Wales

Biography: Steve is a Partner with Middlemarch Associates and has been leading support for CLTs under contract with Wessex Community Assets since 2010. His background in housing enables him to give in-depth technical advice for communities, local authorities and housing associations that work with them. Steve worked in the housing association sector between 1987 and 2009 when he led the development of affordable housing projects across the East Midlands before joining Executive Management teams as Development Director at East Northamptonshire Housing (now Spire Homes) and Gloucestershire Housing Association (now part of the Guinness Partnership), and then Managing Director and Group Chief Executive at Somer Housing Group (now Curo). He has supported some 50 community led housing projects, 18 of which are complete. He specialises in the CLH/RP partnership model and works mainly in the South West but can support projects further afield. 

Phone: 07767238665


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