Calderdale Council & Calder Valley CLT

  • Calderdale Council is working on two key sites with the CVCLT for the delivery of affordable housing. Both of these sites have or will be asset transfers from the Council into CVCLT ownership to deliver new homes
  • It is hoped that more suitable sites will come forward in the future, particularly as Calderdale is working towards adopting the Local Plan in 2019 and requires 840 new homes (all types of housing and tenures) to be built annually over the next 5 years to meet current demand and address the shortfall in previous years
  • Calderdale Council is keen to support CVCLT in bringing forward affordable housing within the Borough. The housing projects carried out by the community land trust support some of the Council’s key priorities and working towards achieving our overall mission to be the best borough in the North. The Council’s key priorities are growing the local economy, reducing inequalities and building a sustainable future

Asset Transfers

  • The Council must seek Cabinet approval where land transfers are carried out in return for a wider view of best value rather than for a set price. This is the case for both of the sites that have or will be transferred to CVCLT
  • The sites proposed are often those which are considered surplus to Council use and which would be suitable for the development of housing. The owning directorate within the Council and Ward Members are consulted prior to the site going for Cabinet approval for disposal to ensure that there is no conflict with a transfer being made. Sites considered as surplus to the Council may also have already be identified and listed as part of a separate piece of work
  • The CVCLT would carry out the due diligence before a formal legal transfer is made following Cabinet approval. Progressing with the formal transfer is then carried out by CMBC’s solicitors who draw up the transfer agreement for the specific site; correspondence is then carried out with the CVCLT’s solicitors on the document up to the full completion of the asset transfer
  • Where sites have not progressed to the full transfer stage a license agreement has in the past been granted for site investigatory works to be carried out in the interim. This is also produced by CMBC’s legal department and negotiated between the solicitors and CVCLT

Relevant Resources

Stages of an asset transfer


Published in March 2018