Anna Hope

An accredited Community Led Homes adviser

Counties: Based in Bristol / West of England but able to support groups nationally.

Biography: I have 20 years’ experience in community-led housing (CLH), starting by co-founding the Ashley Vale Self Build project in 2000 and building my own timber-framed home as part of this trailblazing 40-home eco housing scheme in Bristol. Since then I have gained experience in supporting community-led housing groups, delivering consultancy projects on behalf of professional clients such as local authorities and businesses, designing and facilitating training and community engagement workshops, speaking at local, national and international events and hosting tours.

In 2018 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship, which supported me to visit Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand to research alternative models of housing delivery and bring back knowledge to support the growth of the self build and community-led housing sector in the UK. This has helped me gain in-depth knowledge of a wide range of project types, including community self build, housing co-ops, cohousing, tiny house communities, ecovillages, CLTs and partnerships with ethical developers. I am trained in community mediation and am currently studying for a PhD in community led housing at the University of the West of England.

As a CLH enabler I work through Ecomotive, a self build and community-led housing consultancy based in Bristol which works to support groups across the UK. We have a team of accredited enablers who regularly collaborate on projects, meaning that groups we work with can benefit from our diverse and complementary range of skills and experience.